Well my 2006 Honda Civic EX has done it again. While on H3 or one of the 3 highways here in Hawaii, it decided to burn the clutch out. Thankfully USAA offers free towing to the nearest repair shop plus 10 miles for free (with the purchase of roadside assistance). However H3 is down by the Marine Base down on the East side of the Island. About 30 Miles from Wheeler, thankfully I was able to get to the Honda Windward Dealership. When I arrived very very nice people, they noted that people come from all over the island because there mechanics treat all jobs as if they are race car mechanics. And get things done fast. However this made me nervous and happy all at the same time. However having my car worked on like it is a race car makes me wonder if it will be done correctly. However they were very fast within 3 hours they had found out what was wrong and had a price for the part.  They quoted me $15.50 for the parts and then about $500 for the labor. Opps did I say $15.50 I ment $1,550. However for me to put down $1,550 for a clutch when I could buy the part plus a flywheel for $500  I decided that I would have a friend tow me back to base to get it fixed. I had one friend say that he would tow me. So I called the police and they said a tow rope was fine as long as there was a 12in by 12in square of white on the tow rope. So said great just put a white t-shirt on the rope and we are good. However that person fell through and thankfully I found another to tow my car. Now it is home and I am headed to PTA on the 7th and won’t have it done before my nana, uncle and Paul come out here. So hoping to get some parts and then get them and put them in as soon as I am back from PTA. So far I have put $275 in to the car between the towing rental from u-hall and the cost the dealer had me pay for the diagnosis on the car. Fun with the Car!!!!