Best Hamburger In A Wile

Tonight after thawing out the 2 lbs of beef that was in the freezer I invited my friend Barry up to my room to cook some burgers. Not sure what he did but they were some of the juiciest burgers I have ever had. He started by adding Garlic and some Seasoning Salt to the meat, mixing it by hand. He then made patties and put them in a frying pan to cook the burgers enough to make them hold together. After a few flips Barry put them on the George Foreman. Cooking them fully on there. With Cheese, Ketchup and Barbecue it was one of the best burgers I have had in a long time.

Juice Burger That Friend Barry Made.
Juice Burger That Friend Barry Made.


Well it has now been 7 months that I have been here in Hawaii. It has been life changing and honestly a very good way for me to grow myself to become more of a man. I have now been moved in to the barracks that I will be staying in for as long as I am here in Hawaii. My address is:

Travis Mast
2-6 CAV, Box 525 
Wheeler AAF, HI 96854

Feel free to send mail I try to check my mail box once a week.

Reception Panorama

First Night Here

Well last night I took advice from my grandmother to stay up till the local time was my bed time well doing that meant I was up till 1 am Michigan time. However I woke up many times because I am still use to Michigan time and waking up at 4 am here is 9 am in Michigan so I had to force my self back to sleep at some points even though I was tired my body kept telling me that since it was 9 am (actually 4am) that I should be out of bed.

This is a Panorama from my window at reception. Looks like it is going to rain in a little wile.

Reception Panorama


And I’m Off

Well after a wonderful 20 day leave I am now off to my first duty station. I am not sure how I was granted such a nice place however I am very thankful for the location on the island of Oahu, the third largest island in the Hawaiian island chain. I was planning on leaving on Thursday, January 9th to head down to Dothan, Alabama however due to the big snow storm that happened in Michigan I switched my flight to leave out of Louisville, Kentucky. I was driven down by my Nana (Marcia Roberts, Fathers Mom) and stayed in a hotel till I left at 7:35 am on Thursday morning. I then went to Atlanta, Georgia and then on to Dothan, Alabama.

Flight from Louisville, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia.
Flight from Louisville, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia.

After arriving in Dothan, Alabama I rode the most expensive 3 mile taxi ride to the hotel. Then Friday, January 10th I rode the expensive taxi back to the airport to leave at 5:34 am (Michigan time – 6:34 am). It had 3 gates however one desk. Was very very small. Now I am in Atlanta, Georgia waiting for the flight to leave at 10:50 am (Michigan time – same). It will be a 10 hour flight to Honolulu, Oahu. however I will be landing at 3:50 pm (Michigan time – 8:50pm) it is a 5 hour difference between Michigan and Oahu.